Social Media Marketing Funnel Establishment and Optimization

     Over the course of the last few weeks, I have been spending an exception amount of time learning about concepts behind the process of successful business online marketing.  This blog article will spend a brief amount of time discussing the process of where I went to learn this information, as well as how I went step-by-step in the process of establishing our Social Media Marketing Funnels.

     To discuss how we have structured our Social Media Marketing Funnels, we have included a diagram that was initially produced to illustrate how each one of our social media platform would feed potential customers/users through a roadmap connecting our different platforms content to increase a unified flow of content curation.  This unified flow of content curation operations of the premise of interacting differently with each potential customer depending upon the “stage of interaction “they are currently located; with regards to our company’s brand recognition and content messaging.

   During my time spent studying, I learned an exceptional amount from the e-book, produced by __________________,  about the need to backlink more to our media platform pages; in order to create a networking funnel that will enable conversion of our viewers into subscribers; and eventually potentially customers.  This is where the initial idea for needing a supplement “funneling marketing approach” with our branding strategy originated.

     As depicted above, our top of the Social Media Marketing Funnels consisted of our Blogger (Where you are currently reading this article) and Facebook Page.  The following journal excerpts discuss the steps that were implemented along the path to restructuring each of our funnel stages; to better reflect the overall flow, and individual mission goals, of each stage of the marketing funnel strategy.

Top of Funnel Restructuring:


     I began the process of restructuring and updating the formatting of the blogger page on May 29, 2019.   I also spent several of the morning hours creating the final edits on two blog articles AND four-part blog series on rehabilitating orphaned squirrels.  

     Not only do I want the funnel to feed directly forward in directionality; however, some potential customers will require less “number of touches” contact interactions before they are willing to commit to purchasing our one-time game life-time membership.  For this reason, I am also occasionally bypassing the middle of the funnel with regards to some of the Call-to-Actions (CTA’s).  

     For the discussed reasoning, I track-switched to working on creating a templated email to highlight three of the month’s previous blog posts.  This email is to be sent to our email list subscribed members; You can subscribe by filling out the required information of the following form.  

  This once monthly email  series are sent out on the last day of each month in order to entice an increased user traffic flow to specifically targeted blog articles.  

     I also began the process of finalizing our social marketing to game-membership purchase conversion funnels; however, I still need to initiate the course adjustments for each of our individual social media networking platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Email List, Shop).  

    This conversion funnel overall will aid in the optimization for type of clients we are receiving to our website; through the use of our marketing mirrors.  These marketing mirrors will allow one mirror to magnify another mirror’s signal in a cascading sequence of transitions down the directional course of our marketing funnels.

         On May 31, 2019, I spent the entirety of the day working on a myriad of different individual projects for Evolution Through the Ages.   I began by first editing the most recent blog post, “One Road Taken, One Not Taken, and the Process of Determining Which was Which”.  The updates to this specific blog included the incorporation of a plethora of hyperlinks to different pages, organizations, and labs which were discussed throughout the article.  This hyperlinking was done to potentially target and increase our brand SEO for specific audience types; as recommended by _______________________.


     On May 30, 2019, I investigated through a list of potential new marketing software programs; composed by myself previously in the week. I made a list of the necessary components of our Evolution Through the Ages marketing funnel establishment. Now, I just needed to begin the required steps to put our plans into motions.

    Devin and I discussed these concepts further at our weekly Marketing Margarita Meeting.  Devin is spending a few days in the week creating a batch set of our “quote- “and “factoid-“globes that were originally released on our Instagram page .

     It was determined that we are shifting our globe marketing posts off our Instagram Page; and instead onto our Facebook page.  Our Facebook page will now be used to serve as our marketing “Top of Funnel”; in addition to our Blogger Page .

Middle of Funnel Establishment:


     I also have determined I need to compose YouTube videos more frequently; focusing on the establishment of myself as a leader in the field which I am discussing with the game.   Meaning, I need to be reviewing more biochemical articles, macro and micro evolutionary mechanism articles, and cellular biology articles for YouTube, and blog, posts.  

     Truthfully, I’ll admit, I am terrified about putting myself on the internet; parading myself around as an “expert” in any of the aforementioned fields.  Albeit I do have experience in all of these fields, especially in high content level experimentation, I still do not truly feel like I am enough of an authority yet.  I know this is merely imposter syndrome; however, it is something that causes me to be slightly wary and hesitant. 

      Although I am going to pursue this endeavor regardless.  Nothing worth having comes easy; or to those whom are caught at a standstill due to immobilization by fear.  

So, Let the games begin!

Bottom of Funnel Establishment:

Email List:

    Devin finished producing “free content” posts for the eleven creature features; to be included in the first series.  I organized and compressed these images using the following free online image compression software: 

     Upon later analysis, I discovered we had previously made an user-error when designing our creature feature emails in the MailChimp Software. We had mistakenly created the features in the “template” tab; instead of the “emails” tab.   This mistake would prevent us from being able to send out the emails to our audience.  

     To rectify this issue, I re-created AND finished producing all of the eleven emails for the entirety of the first series of Creature Features.  Now, all of the features have been “Queued-up” for us to send out once a week, for the next eleven weeks; Friday morning each week.

    Devin and I worked on creating the blog update feature email for May 2019 as well. This email featured three articles that were produced on our May editions of our Blog.We selected the following three articles:


     Each of our three selected blogs were then optimized to have the best design elements and call-to-actions focused on continuing to convince our readers to join our email list.  We also would design a “Template” to be used each month to re-create this process with less formatting requirements.  After we produced an “email” from the “template”, we sent it out to our growing email list.   

     Our marketing funnels are actually starting to be successfully established in place.  As I am continuing to re-direct more of the mirrors towards one another, I am watching our audience become more and more specifically targeted to be aligned with our specific interests across each stage of the unique social media platforms.  This is really starting to get me excited; as I am beginning to be able to see tangible results of hours of efforts Devin and I placing towards our SEO and website niche establishment.

     Sean and I met for our weekly meeting.  He has finished the final touches on the creatures, space scene filter, and spinning planet alteration scene-work coding. These new modifications to the game can be viewed on our YouTube page with the following video .   

     During the meeting, I worked on continuing to establish our Mailchimp email list; by continuing to edit our “please subscribe” fill-out submission page.  This page now more adequately resembles our other pages with our game color scheme; using our green, light blue, dark blue, and grey color palate.

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