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So Let’s Talk About Death Shall We…

       Sean and I met up today for our weekly meeting at the local Starbucks.   The topic of our meeting today was death and how this concept would continue to effect organisms within the game world we have created, Evolution Through the Ages .        We discussed how to incorporate the mass extinction events from the geologic time scales from planet Earth’s extensive 4.6 billion year old history.   Especially pertaining the concepts of extinction events triggered by over-competition, CO 2 / O 2 concentrations, and asteroid impacts.      Organisms will soon be able to effectively eliminate a global population of organisms within our game world.   This will occur through a process known as organismal over-competition for limited resources.   Due to a scarcity of resources within the game world, as is the case in the real world, organisms will inevitably result in competition between two different species.       “Within the game of life, there are always clear cut wi

Meeting at the Mushroom (5/14/2018)

      Sean, Devin, and I met up at the MellowMushroom in Covington, Louisiana.  We ordered a 16'' Mellowterranean Pizza. -aside:  the pizza was delicious- This is the first time the three of us have been able to collectively come together to meet and discuss how our individual department goals are being met and to decide how to best proceed with the direction of the company.      We discussed the concept of restructuring our internships to be more of a work for hire concept; similar to that of a graphic designers pay scales.  Under this potential restructuring,  the people who are working on the smaller components of our game's code would be paid for completion of each task needed for further upgrading the game's software.    We are still in the talks of this restructuring; however, we are interested in reaching out to potential universities to recruit skilled computer science majors for their abilities.  We are still hesitant to pursue this avenue though.