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The Road Not Taken, the One Taken, and the Process of Deciding Which One Was Which

    In 2016, one of our creators and lead designers (Jacob Stagray) attended LSUHSC-Shreveport to pursue his PhD in microbiology and immunology. After completing the vast majority of his coursework, he decided to take a brief hiatus to develop upon his teaching skills; while simultaneously continuing to further develop the game known as Evolution Through the Ages .    During 2017-2018 academic calendar year, Jacob applied to the following universities in an attempt to complete the remainder of his required for completion of his PhD endeavors. He applied to the following universities: Columbia University Emory University LSUHSC- New Orleans Washington State University Texas A&M – Houston Vanderbilt University     Although he was unable to successfully gain admittance for the Fall 2018 academic school year, he was interviewed with Texas A&M as well as LSUHSC-New Orleans .      With regards to Texas A&M (TAMHSC) , the interview was conduc

Whom Will Eat Whom! Survival of the Fittest

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Creatures. Creatures. Everywhere. Creature Features For One and All!

Creature Feature Installation Concept This concept was initially conceived at a  Marketing Margarita Thursday   between Devin Reeson (Social Media Manager) and Jacob Stagray (CEO); at El Paso in Mandeville, LA. Jacob began this conversation by floating the idea of something like our  Throwback Thursday Extinct Creature  events currently circulating on Instagram.  This new feature, to be termed “Creature Feature”, was initially designed solely for premium content user; those who signed up for our emailing list. We coined the term for this feature based upon the Darwinian manuscript-like notes and diagrams of creatures from within the game. These creature fact cards are designed to help to illustrate additional concepts and factoids about creatures users can evolve in our game overtime. Ultimately, we intend to compile all of these factoid creature cards and complete an entire “ETA Darwinian Manuscript” text. We proceeded to determine a consistent timeline for em