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The Meeting of the Two Founders - Our Beginnings How Jacob Met Sean

     Sean and I first met in an "introduction to chemistry" course taught by Dr. Parkinson’s of Southeastern Louisiana University.   We were introduced by Cynthia Harris.  Cynthia would eventually be instrumental in data collection for the establishment of the research that led to the production of the game Evolution Through the ages.  SELU Pursley Hall- Chemistry and Physics Building      At first, sean rubbed Jacob the wrong way;  Jacob struggled initially to excel in the concepts of thermodynamics within chemistry.  In high school, chemistry had always come easy to Jacob;  but in college, this was not the case.  Sean, whom was a physics major, excelled in all aspects of this course.  It appeared to come easy to sean, and this infuriated Jacob.      Despite Jacob's frustrations, Sean helped Jacob to succeed in this course.  Over this time spent helping him, Jacob became quite fond of Sean and his overall candor.  They began hanging out and discus

Getting to Know You...or Rather Jacob Stagray (CEO)

      It occurs to me, as I engage in this new venture of blogging, that I have not laid the groundwork for how this project came to be. As is the case in many stories, I feel the need to go back, to the very beginning if you will. I was always very curious, especially in my youngest of years. I could always be found outside hunting for bugs or animals in an effort to better understand them. I felt the need to touch them, watch them eat, observe their interactions with others. While this was invigorating for me, it often facilitated an uproar in my household as there were many instances in which my mother found herself surprised or startled to find scorpions or 6 ft. long snakes in my bedroom. I couldn’t help myself; my fascination served to reinforce what would ultimately become an obsession with all things science.               

Revamping the Website - An Introduction to HTML

Today I spent approximately two hours with teaching myself the basics of HTML coding.  Sean (our lead game developer) has recently requested that I (Jacob Stagray- CEO) begin revamping the  Evolution Through the Ages website .  He believes that by me learning basic coding, I will help alleviate some of the time constraints the website causes him;  this will allow him to focus even more of his energy into continued development of our game product ( available on our website ).  Today's lessons pertained to how to create a link, as well as linking to an image, using the following HTML tags: <a href=" url goes here ">  name of tab goes here  </a> <a href=" url goes here "><img src=" image file goes here " height="100" width="100" alt="Instagram logo"></a> Additionally, I began reorganizing the landing page of the website into different sections

About Us- Our Story

Evolution Through the Ages is an online gaming community with an Omnipresent “Sim-like” game-play that is based upon accurate Evolutionary phylogenetic lineages. The goal within the game is to take the molten Hadean Earth and, through the processes of Evolution and Survival of the Fittest, evolve life from simple elements into any and all of the diverse life that has ever existed. Evolution Through the Ages takes you through evolutionary accurate process with scientific accuracy and user-friendly interface/gameplay. This game attempts to serve as a bridge to lessen the divide between misconceptions about how one organism can adapt, and eventually lead to the evolution of a population of organisms. Our product serves as a model to demonstrate the individual “small scale” steps the process of evolution has taken over the course of life’s history. The Major Goal of Evolution Through the Ages is to create the most effective and evolutionarily diverse planet that