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Designing New Evolution Through the Ages June 2018 T-Shirts

So the time has come for  Evolution Through the Ages, LLC  to begin to develop some new additions to our T-shirt line.  Our original "Tree of Life" design, depicted above, was originally created in January 2018.  This was the first brand name t-shirt that was developed for the corporation.  Since that time, the aforementioned shirt has been photographed, filmed, and requested, several dozen times.  We have truly loved this shirt, especially as it has helped to establish our brand;  however, the time has come to create some additional brand name shirts.  We are proud to present the first additions to our new lines of shirts;  the "I Evolved This Way" career line and the "I Just Want to Survive" creature line.   "I Evolved This Way" Career Series Line:     The first two entries to the "I Evolved This Way" career line will be the fields of "Teacher" and "Biomedical Science".  Within this line, we began b

A 2018 Wedding of the Ages

                                                                                                                                              6.15.2018 Let us begin this post by apologizing for the recent silence that has befell the Evolution Through the Ages accounts over the course of the last two weeks.   On June 2nd, 2018 two top level executives of Evolution Through the Ages became legally joined in marriage.       Jacob Stagray (CEO) and Devin Reeson (Director of Social Media) were joined in a lawfully wedded marriage on June 2, 2018 at 11:45a.m.  The couple has been together since before the dawn of the corporation Evolution Through the Ages , as well as for the concept of the game.     Devin Reeson serves as a graphic designer at several local Slidell companies such as Expo Signs, DirectMail, and Slidell Magazine.  He graduated from Southeastern Louisiana University in December of 2013.  Additionally, he is currently serving as the Director of Social Media for E