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SELU ACM Presentation - A Positive Recruitment Outlook

Two days ago,   Evolution Through the Ages attended the ACM meeting at Southeastern Louisiana University (SELU) . In attendance at the meeting, there were approximately 10 people. Three of these people had already been to our previous presentation. Unfortunately, due to class scheduling, the turnout for this event was a tad lower than we had initially hoped; however, the caliber of participants in attendance was greater this meeting go round. The majority of the individuals present were primarily juniors, seniors, and PhD recipients. Of those present, three people request additional information for potential internship establishment with our company.    At this time, we have setup two interviews within the next two weeks to potentially higher new potential recruits for our company's bloodstream. The individuals we will be interviewing are both senior students at SELU . These students have extensive computer programming background on their resumes, and they appear as the

ETA Returns to SELU for Potential Computer Program Interns

   On October 18 th , 2018 at 6:30P.M (CT), Evolution Through the Ages CEO (Jacob Stagray) and COO (Sean Craft) will be returning to their alma mater to attend a meeting with the SELU branch of the ACM. The purpose of this meeting is two fold. The first is to discuss computer programming and game progression Evolution Through the Ages has taken over the course of the last 9 months.    We have previously attended a similar meeting with this SELU ACM on 1/25/2018. The purpose of this meeting was to gain feedback on previously launched V.4 of the ETA game. Additionally, we hoped to gain additional interns who desired to begin their computer programming skills application in a corporate environment. We successfully acquired two interns, Chris and Riley. Unfortunately, both of these interns were forced to end their internship with us early for personal reasons. In addition, both of these students were young fledglings within their academic programs and were unable to succe

Atoms. Atoms. Everywhere. What Can You Make Out of These Circles?

   Today we are working to expand the fields of the Atomic World within Evolution Through the Ages. We have previously had the ability to create additional atoms by using the process of nuclear fusion. Previously we have only had enough atoms which were primarily required to create the phospholipid; ultimately creating the first phospholipid bilayer to make the original cell; last universal common ancestor (LUCA).    We are now in the process of incorporating all of the remaining atoms from the periodic table of elements into the game world. This will cause the atomic world to become much more challenging when regarding the process of nuclear fusion and molecule formation. This additional challenge will be due to the increased possible combinations of potential atom creation and atom bonding.    We additionally are working to create a more scientifically accurate representation of these atoms within the game; our ultimate goal with the game. We are now incorporating the add