So Let’s Talk About Death Shall We…

       Sean and I met up today for our weekly meeting at the local Starbucks.  The topic of our meeting today was death and how this concept would continue to effect organisms within the game world we have created, Evolution Through the Ages. 

     We discussed how to incorporate the mass extinction events from the geologic time scales from planet Earth’s extensive 4.6 billion year old history.  Especially pertaining the concepts of extinction events triggered by over-competition, CO2/ O2 concentrations, and asteroid impacts.

     Organisms will soon be able to effectively eliminate a global population of organisms within our game world.  This will occur through a process known as organismal over-competition for limited resources.  Due to a scarcity of resources within the game world, as is the case in the real world, organisms will inevitably result in competition between two different species.

     “Within the game of life, there are always clear cut winners and losers.   The winners go to bed fed and happy; the losers go to bed dead”.  There are no participation trophies in the real biological world, and so you won’t find them in tis evolutionary game of life and survival of the fittest either.  Soon users will be able to watch as organisms compete with each other for survival space within the game.

     The next extinction events we discussed pertained events triggered based upon the global CO2 and O2 levels within Earth’s atmosphere.  We already have half of this extinction event’s framework pre-designed with the previous installation of the CO2 and O2 global sensors within the game.  Soon these sensors will have dire implications for your game world should the levels go too high or fall to low.  Careful, or you could also trigger massive extinction within the game.

    The most difficult of concepts to discuss tonight was the topic of how to incorporate the mass extinction event revolving around the Earth being impacted by an asteroid.  Did you know that after every so many years the Earth is due to be impacted by an asteroid?  We are taking the statistical number of years from this fact and incorporated it into the game by developing a background timeline framework. 

    Using this framework, when the user evolves creatures they will effectively be progressing the number of equivalent years that have been spent on Earth.  This framework operates on the principals that, once again, evolution takes time to occur.  Evolution occurs on a population level, not on an organismal level.  After so many game world/year equivalent units have been accrued, the user will gain an increasing likelihood of having a catastrophic event occur.

   These developing new features will be a great addition to our game world, as this continue to make this game a more accurate depiction of how the biological world operates; while simultaneously making a more unique and challenging video game experience.  All of these features will be included in our scheduled August 2018 release of V.4 of Evolution Through the Ages. 

Note:  Select features will be incorporated sooner for pre-launch demonstrations.


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