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Social Media Marketing Funnel Establishment and Optimization

     Over the course of the last few weeks, I have been spending an exception amount of time learning about concepts behind the process of successful business online marketing.  This blog article will spend a brief amount of time discussing the process of where I went to learn this information, as well as how I went step-by-step in the process of establishing our  Social Media Marketing Funnels .      To discuss how we have structured our  Social Media Marketing Funnels , we have included a diagram that was initially produced to illustrate how each one of our social media platform would feed potential customers/users through a roadmap connecting our different platforms content to increase a unified flow of content curation.  This unified flow of content curation operations of the premise of interacting differently with each potential customer depending upon the “stage of interaction “they are currently located; with regards to our company’s brand recognition and content messagin