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Chemistry Review 2: OH-Initiated Oxidation of Acetylacetone: Implications for Ozone and Secondary Organic Aerosol Formation

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   To further explain how this sub-channel of the blog will be run, I will be alternating every week between our two chemistry subfield topics of biochemistry and environmental chemistry. For this week’s review I am now on the topic of environmental science. The article’s title is OH-Initiated Oxidation of Acetylacetone: Implications for Ozone and Secondary Organic Aerosol Formation.

Acetylacetone is the compound the researchers want to know more about pertaining environmental impacts. Acetylacetone is used in industrial applications across the world. With this organic compound being used so  readily among consumers and industry, the compound is now commonly being found in the atmosphere. Once the compound is incorporated within the atmosphere, it becomes a common atmospheric oxygenated volatile organic compound which can be a form of acid rain. Prior to this articles composition, there was not much known about the atmospheric oxidation …

Chemistry Review 1: Nitric Oxide Activates β-Cell Glucokinase by Promoting Formation of the “Glucose-Activated” State

For my first chemistry review article for the blog I decided to 

summarize anarticle in the field of biochemistry. My goal is to 

provide readers with a wide range of subtopics within this field; 

as well as, environmental science and technology. To provide a 

little background about myself, I have a bachelor of 

science in Chemistry with a concentration in Chemistry 

professional. A concentration in Chemistry professional means that 

I took a heavy college-course load of chemistry and math classes. 

This extensive list of courses qualifies me to work in a research 

lab. I have worked two years in an analytical lab. My 

current position is a laboratory technician for a chemical 

processing plant. I amalso a member of the American Chemical 

Society (ACS); which is where all the journal articles I am plan to