Atoms. Atoms. Everywhere. What Can You Make Out of These Circles?

   Today we are working to expand the fields of the Atomic World within Evolution Through the Ages. We have previously had the ability to create additional atoms by using the process of nuclear fusion. Previously we have only had enough atoms which were primarily required to create the phospholipid; ultimately creating the first phospholipid bilayer to make the original cell; last universal common ancestor (LUCA).

   We are now in the process of incorporating all of the remaining atoms from the periodic table of elements into the game world. This will cause the atomic world to become much more challenging when regarding the process of nuclear fusion and molecule formation. This additional challenge will be due to the increased possible combinations of potential atom creation and atom bonding.

   We additionally are working to create a more scientifically accurate representation of these atoms within the game; our ultimate goal with the game. We are now incorporating the additional ball-and-stick model coloration scheme for each of the atoms within the periodic table. We are also adding in the concepts of atomic radius to help better represent the accurate size proportions for each of the atoms within the game world.

   These expansion upgrades will also allow for us to now adequately implement additional in-game achievements that pertain to Atomic World. The following achievements can now also be earned within the game due to this expansion.

  1. Normal Realm Atoms Expansion (NRAE) Catch 'em' All Achievement
      "All 34 atoms created through fusion" - See below for list

    2. Radioactive Realm Atom Expansion (RRAE) “Radiate ‘em' all” Achievement 

            "All 31 radioactive atoms created through fusion events" - See below for list

    3. Metal Realm Atom Expansion (MRAE) “Put a Ring on It"
             "All 29 Metal atoms created through fusion events" - See below for list

    4.  Odd Ball Element Catch 'em' All Achievement
               "All 14 Metal atoms created through fusion events" - See below for list

    5.  Atoms- Catch 'em' All Achievement
               "All 108 ETA atoms created through fusion events". - See all lists collectively below for list


" (NRAE) 'Catch em All'  Achievement " Atom List


" (RRAE) 'Radiate em all'  Achievement " Atom List


"MRAE 'Put a Ring on it' Achievement" Atom List


"Odd Ball Element 'Catch em All' Achievement" Atom List


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