Designing New Evolution Through the Ages June 2018 T-Shirts

So the time has come for Evolution Through the Ages, LLC to begin to develop some new additions to our T-shirt line.  Our original "Tree of Life" design, depicted above, was originally created in January 2018.  This was the first brand name t-shirt that was developed for the corporation.  Since that time, the aforementioned shirt has been photographed, filmed, and requested, several dozen times.  We have truly loved this shirt, especially as it has helped to establish our brand;  however, the time has come to create some additional brand name shirts.  We are proud to present the first additions to our new lines of shirts;  the "I Evolved This Way" career line and the "I Just Want to Survive" creature line.  

"I Evolved This Way" Career Series Line:

    The first two entries to the "I Evolved This Way" career line will be the fields of "Teacher" and "Biomedical Science".  Within this line, we began by researching the appropriate symbols to place on the front of each of the shirts.


     For the Teacher edition, we selected a professor standing in front of a whiteboard instructing students.  This is the paradigm of the traditional teaching approach and was a perfect representation for the field of teaching.  

                                                                           Teacher Edition


     For the Biomedical Science edition, the caduceus was selected to represent the field of medical research and preservation of life.  The snakes of the caduceus were then joined together via our graphic designer, Devin Reeson, to incorporate more fields within biomedical science with the addition of the DNA structure.  This more adequately incorporated the fields of biomedical research, with specific focus on the realms of cell and microbiology.

                                                                      Biomedical Science Edition

     The first images (left) are the mock-ups that was produced via graphic designer image-editing software.  These mock-ups served to allow Jacob and Devin to fiddle around with the concepts of what they desired the shirts to look like.  Once the mock-ups satisfy both Devin and Jacob, they then move onto the t-shirt design upload and ordering process.  

    For the ordering of t-shirts, we have found that Spreadshirts are the most cost effective way to go.  This is true for ordering in bulk, as well as ordering individual copies of t-shirts;  the latter is still costly, however.  We transferred the mock-up designs into the Spreadshirt design program, producing the images on the right hand sides.

"I Just Want to Survive" Creature Line:

     This line is a spin off from the concepts of survival of the fittest and extinctions.  We intend to add creatures to this line for organisms that have gone extinct within the real world.  This will aid in the incorporation of real world historical extinction events, while tying in a whimsical nod to the nature of our evolutionary game.

       We hope that you like these additions as much as we do; however, we at Evolution Through the Ages crave user feedback.  What do you, the audience, think of these three shirts;  as well as our previous "Tree of Life" edition?  Comment your thoughts below to help us continue to develop from feedback from users like you.

Note:  These shirts were ordered by Evolution Through the Ages, LLC on 6.13.2018.   They are set to arrive to the corporation on 6.22.2018.  At this time,  images of the in person wardrobe photos will be uploaded to this article.  We are eager to hear your feedback on what you think of these three new t-shirt designs;  as well as other edition ideas you would like to see added to our lines.


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