Swag Bags - Do You Have Your ETA Swag Yet?

     The concept of a Swag Bag was initially discussed at a Marketing Margarita Thursday at El Paso in Mandeville, LA; between Jacob Stagray and Devin Reeson.  The concept of brand “Swag Bags” full of unique Evolution Through the Ages merchandise would be assembled for giveaways to our fans and social media audience members.  The term arose because swag is the stuff in the bags for plunderers alike. 

     This idea, as previously referenced began with a simple conversation.  The conversation began by discussing potential for additional merchandise for the company.  Items that were discussed during this initial conversation included:  Refrigerator magnets, re-usable cloth bags, hand sanitizers, car decal/magnets.

     It was brought up that although Jacob Stagray (CEO) would love to have additional ETA products with the company's trademarked brand; aiding to continue to establish the company's overall brand exposure.  However, Jacob believed the company still had an ample reserve of previous marketing merchandise that has not been properly allocated.  For this primary reason, the topic of the conversation shifted away from additional purchases and toward uses of previously purchased merchandise.   

Discussed Merchandise Included in Bag:
  • Pens

  • Coffee mug

  • T-shirt

  • Stickers

  • Hand sanitizer (?)

  • Cloth bag (?)

    On April 19, 2019, the first round of swag bags were fully assembled….

They each included the following items:

  • Coffee Thermus

  • Sheet of ETA “Permanent” Stickers (x10)

  • Supply of ETA Black-Ink Pens (x20)

  • “Tree of Life” Themed ETA T-shirt

    Now we are currently attempting to design giveaway events for each of our networking platforms:  Instagram, Facebook, Blog, and Email-List.  

Discussed Locations for Swag Bag Giveaways Included:
  • Instagram followers           – 1 bag
  • Facebook followers           – 1 bag
  • Blog Followers                  – 1 bag
  • Email List Followers         – 3 bags
  • TBD                                   – 4 bags 

   Our overall goal with these giveaways will be to promote our brand’s overall exposure. This desired exposure increase will be measured using overall increase trends for our website and PrestaShops analytic data originating from our social networks.   

    We are still looking for ideas on the specific events that we can use for each of our referenced social media platforms; as well as a giveaway location or event for the remaining four swag bags.  If you have any ideas for potential giveaway events that might aid us in achieving our target goal, please comment below with your idea in our common section of this thread. 

We would be greatly appreciate any insights or feedback from our audience “Creatures”.

   We hope you have enjoyed this sneak behind the operating minds and discussion topics of Evolution Through the Ages, LLC.  We also greatly appreciate your continued support throughout the entirety of the developmental process.  It’s due to fans like you that we keep striving to make our educational products even more useful, accurate, and fun.


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