SELU ACM Presentation - A Positive Recruitment Outlook

Two days ago,  Evolution Through the Ages attended the ACM meeting at Southeastern Louisiana University (SELU). In attendance at the meeting, there were approximately 10 people. Three of these people had already been to our previous presentation. Unfortunately, due to class scheduling, the turnout for this event was a tad lower than we had initially hoped; however, the caliber of participants in attendance was greater this meeting go round. The majority of the individuals present were primarily juniors, seniors, and PhD recipients. Of those present, three people request additional information for potential internship establishment with our company.

   At this time, we have setup two interviews within the next two weeks to potentially higher new potential recruits for our company's bloodstream. The individuals we will be interviewing are both senior students at SELU. These students have extensive computer programming background on their resumes, and they appear as they could potentially be optimal recruits for the advancement of the game's development. We are excited to see where these interviews lead, and we will keep you posted on how they turn out.

   During our presentations duration, we began by depicted the game user-interfaces through the use of in-game screen shots. These images were used to discuss how the individual components of the game were established; as well as how each of these features were established within the game development progress.  Our powerpoint presentation we used can be found in the following blog article post:  "ETA Returns to SELU for Potential Computer Program Interns".  

      We demonstrated the concepts further within the presentation by then showing youtube tutorial clips of the gameplay concepts in action. These videos were originally created and published back in November 2017.  These video clips can be found in their entirety on our youtube channel at the following link. Since this time, we have made tremendous progress with the upgrading user-interfaces, Additionally, we then launched the game code, and we performed a live demonstration of the updates and new features that have been implemented in the game since our previous presentation to the ACM

     The ACM members present within the meeting requested to know more about how we initially came up with the creation of this game concept. We elaborated how the concept for the game creation came about within the GBIO 492 (History of Biology) course at SELU. This course was taught simultaneous by the evolution course professor. Within these two courses, there was a constant inter-connection between how members of the history stories that helped to shape the ideas instilled within the field of biology. We desired to continued to establish these inter-relating concepts within the fields of chemistry, cell biology, and evolution. Our goal is to join these fields together in order to create a model that adequately portrays the driving forces of natural selection and evolution within the natural world's environments. This idea was then pitched to the evolution professor, Dr. Murray Pendarvis. This professor thought the idea was riveting, and that we should create this game as an educational tool; to model how the processes occur within the world around us.

     Based on how the presentation was received by the audience members, I believe that we have made major progress within the previous nine months in regard to game development and brand establishment. It is our goal to continue to get our message out into the world about the concepts addressed within our game world. It is our goal that this will help to mitigate misconceptions about evolutionary processes that are occurring constantly in the natural world around us. We hope that you will take the time to look into our company and game components.

   Please let us know what you think of our product, and if you have any insight on how we can continue to improve.  Steps for how to leave feedback at the provided link can be found below this paragraph.  We welcome and greatly appreciate feedback from our valued audience members, such as yourself. Thank you for taking the time to read this blog article update and we hope to see you back here soon. Until next time, from all of us at Evolution Through the Ages, remember...

 Play. Evolve. Conquer. 


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