ETA Returns to SELU for Potential Computer Program Interns

   On October 18th, 2018 at 6:30P.M (CT), Evolution Through the Ages CEO (Jacob Stagray) and COO (Sean Craft) will be returning to their alma mater to attend a meeting with the SELU branch of the ACM. The purpose of this meeting is two fold. The first is to discuss computer programming and game progression Evolution Through the Ages has taken over the course of the last 9 months.

   We have previously attended a similar meeting with this SELU ACM on 1/25/2018. The purpose of this meeting was to gain feedback on previously launched V.4 of the ETA game. Additionally, we hoped to gain additional interns who desired to begin their computer programming skills application in a corporate environment. We successfully acquired two interns, Chris and Riley. Unfortunately, both of these interns were forced to end their internship with us early for personal reasons. In addition, both of these students were young fledglings within their academic programs and were unable to successfully maintain the ETA company's requirements for maintaining an internship with the company.
   Since our original request for a follow-up ACM meeting presentation, we received emails from several individuals from SELU whom were inquiring about possible programming internship position with our company. As of 10/12/18, we have already successfully established one SELU-ETA internship with a senior computer science major named Avishkar.
Avishkar was interviewed for on 9/30/18 and informally accepted a position with our company on 10/01/18. His position became official on 10/12/2018 when he completed his internship creation paperwork and non-disclosure agreements.

   So I know you must be wondering, “How did Avishkar compare to your desired required skillsets? Could I possibly be an ideal candidate for these kinds of potential internships?”
To address the first of the two questions, Avishkar has taken the minimal courses and concepts:

  1. CMPS 401
               Proficiency in C#
               Basic practice using mercurial CSS
                               branching and merging
               Basic practice using PHP
     2. CMPS 411

              Group Project (twelve individuals) work to produce authentication coding for Mandeville

     3.  CMPS 431
              Operating Systems

     4.  CMPS 482

   Avishkar is new to using the unity software program, however, he has used mono C# before. Although not everything is the same in regards to features between the two different programs. These two programs both use the same syntax language; however somethings are different with regards to specific Microsoft coding.

   In regards to additional potential intern candidates, we are currently seeking recruits with the following skillsets:

  1. Proficiency with Source Control - Mercurial
  2. Familiarity with Unity C# OR Minimally C#
  3. Basic understanding of physical sciences background knowledge
  4. Familiarity with fundamentals of object oriented programming including:

Internship responsibilities could include assisting in:
  • Game Development
  • Website Development and Maintenance
    • AWS EC2 Framework
    • UserFrosting
      • PHP Framework
        • Slim Templating Engine
        • Twig Templating Engine

   We are excited to return to our alma mater, and we hope to gain some additional new blood coursing through our company's veins; with potential new programming recruits. If you are interested in learning more, we are enclosing our powerpoint presentation we will be giving on 10/18/2018 at the bottom of this blog for your leisurely viewing.

 If you have further questions for us, please do not hesitate to email us at:

with the Subject Title of “Potential Internship Recruitment Interest- YOUR NAME”.  We are always looking for talented individuals to join our company's ranks and help us continue to “evolve” our company over the generations of its employee population.

Until next time, remember....

                                    Play. Evolve. Conquer.


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