The Meeting of the Two Founders - Our Beginnings How Jacob Met Sean

     Sean and I first met in an "introduction to chemistry" course taught by Dr. Parkinson’s of Southeastern Louisiana University.   We were introduced by Cynthia Harris.  Cynthia would eventually be instrumental in data collection for the establishment of the research that led to the production of the game Evolution Through the ages. 

SELU Pursley Hall- Chemistry and Physics Building
     At first, sean rubbed Jacob the wrong way;  Jacob struggled initially to excel in the concepts of thermodynamics within chemistry.  In high school, chemistry had always come easy to Jacob;  but in college, this was not the case.  Sean, whom was a physics major, excelled in all aspects of this course.  It appeared to come easy to sean, and this infuriated Jacob.

     Despite Jacob's frustrations, Sean helped Jacob to succeed in this course.  Over this time spent helping him, Jacob became quite fond of Sean and his overall candor.  They began hanging out and discussing concepts of science and life in the library quite often throughout the remainder of the semester.

     After the course completed,  Sean no longer needed any more chemistry or biology courses within his degree requirements; so our creators paths separated academically. 

      Due to the extraneous nature of both of these students academic rigors course load; they did not see each other for almost a year; minus the occasional hello across the cafeteria parking lot or soueasthern walkways to classes.


 SELU Livingston Hall 

     After some time spent apart, in our respective science buildings on Southeastern's campus, eventually Sean and I  would be thrust back together.  While at Southeastern, I had always opted for the "random roommate" experience.  I did not believe that it was a good idea to live with people whom were your friends.  Friend groups change often in college, and so do living/interacting situations.  In my opinion, it was better to cohabitate with random people.  If you ended up hating them by the end of the year, no harm no foul; however, if they were your friend, not only do you now have to find a new roommate, but you're also down a friend.

     At the start of junior year, Southeastern's housing division had randomly paired Sean and I to be roommates.  This was quite a shock, probability speaking, but was a pleasant surprise.  Over the course of the semester, Sean, and his live in girlfriend Erica, became very close companions between my friends and I.  We often spent many hours watching movies, or playing Minecraft on the PC;  a game which Sean and Erica got me addicted to for almost a year.

     This addition to Minecraft, would eventually be one of the driving ideas that would lead to the establishment for the first ideas about the game, Evolution Through the Ages

     One day in class, I had desired to play this game pertaining the concepts of natural selection and survival of the fittest, major concepts discussed in my Evolution course.  When I could not find the game, and after I discussed the concept with my Evolution professor,  it was recommended that I start creating this "new revolutionary" game myself.  With this notion, I had the perfect person in mind to help me begin the endeavor that would lead to the establishment of Evolution Through the Ages;  Sean.

     At this time, Sean was a triple major on Southeastern's campus.  He was currently studying, and excelling within, Physics, Computer Science, and Math.  He would eventually drop his math major.  Because Sean was my roommate, I was constantly seeing the superb computer science programming that he was accomplishing for his internships and classwork.  I approached him with the concept of the games idea.  He was intrigued, and he offered to help me go about creating this game.  This would start us out on the journey that is still occurring four years later....

    The first step to creating the game, was to amount all of the required preliminary research to lay the foundation for the gameplay;  all game creatures connecting phylogenetically on a single tree of life.  For this endeavor, Jacob would have to establish a research team to help him find pertinent and factual information for each of the 172 creatures that were intended to be included in the game.  This undertaking would be accomplished over the span of the next 8 months time, and had to be accomplished before any of the hard programming could even be begun on Sean's end of the project.


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